My work is inspired by the behavior of living, growing tissue and flesh under tension and pressure--whether internal or external--and the corresponding emotions stimulated, such as anxiety, dis/comfort, desire, and vulnerability. Of the five physical senses, four are experienced in distinctly isolated locations, but touch is a sensory mechanic embedded deep within the skin and throughout our whole body. We feel all over. Sometimes physical and emotional feelings can overlap, blur, or conflict. I work with clay because it is a reciprocal exchange of touch; my flesh and the clay respond to each other in dialogue towards mutual self-discovery. My work asks, "How do you feel?"

As a teacher, I hope to continue to carry this sentiment into the classroom with students of all ages and backgrounds. I believe there is always an occasion to explore how to interpret and express our emotional experience through physical art-making. Whether you are four, fourteen, or forty, art learning should always be available and accessible on a level playing field.