Born in Pusan, S. Korea, I was adopted four months after birth and grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, a west suburb of Chicago. I was born with a genetic condition in which the last three fingers of each of my hands remained fused together. After six reconstructive surgeries, the doctor advised my mother to keep me engaged in activities that encouraged movement in my hands and fingers to keep the scar tissue from growing stiff. As a result, my mother enrolled me in violin lessons and clay camp.

The rest is history.  

Artist Statement

Of the five physical senses, four are performed locally in fixed locations. But touch is a sensory mechanic embedded deep in the skin and tissues throughout our whole body. We feel all over. Sometimes there is a blur between physical and emotional feelings. My work is driven by the behavior of living, growing flesh and tissue under tension and pressure--whether internal or external--and the corresponding feelings stimulated, such as tension, anxiety, comfort, desire, and vulnerability. I work with clay because it is a reciprocal exchange of touch; my flesh sculpts the flesh-like. 

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